Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the Editing Begin!

So, I have begun the editing process on "Red Truck." I printed out two hard copies, one for me and one for my wife, and have started marking up the pages with relish.

Today, however, I have yet to pick up the manuscript. But, I've been busy. I followed up on two job applications and am hoping/praying for a call or two. I did a bit of a recap on all of my submissions of "Gullible Jack;" I found out that one journal rejected me without notification and I sent a query to another that has taken its time. I have six submissions still pending. Also, I heard back from Benjamin Percy who had some good advice to give. It's encouraging to talk to published short story authors. On that note I also have attempted to contact an old fiction professor of mine in hopes that she will be willing to help me edit "Red Truck."

In other, somewhat related news, I came across the blog Words on the Page written by Lori Widmer. She has declared tomorrow, May 15, as Writers Worth Day. The goal is to express that the work writers do is worth more than the little, if any, compensation they are given. Low pay pay for news, reporting and freelancing is a problem that the journalism and publishing communities are facing now more than ever. Going beyond raising awareness, Lori is posting career tips and information for writers all month. Please check out her blog and show your support as well.

Now, I'm off to do some editing, maybe a little reading and then hitting the hay.


  1. Very cool blog, Joshua! Thank you SO much for your support of my mad little cause. I appreciate the link love and your efforts on its, and my, behalf. If we can convince one person each to stop accepting less, it will have been worth it for me.

  2. Its all my pleasure to be sure, Lori.