Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting there

Things are falling into place it seems. Still no job, or anything published, but I feel better. The first full draft of "Unreasonable Seizure" is finished. I'm still not sold on the title yet, that will come through revisions. There are bits that need to be tweeked or added. I think it's missing a few things.

I'm trying to sell my short story "Gullible Jack" to various journals. Out of 12 submissions I have received three rejections so far. It's a tale of a very confused small child. Jack believes that if he eats a roadkill squirrel, he can become one. It's sad, gruesome and downright weird. I like to consider it an homage to Kafka. Due to it's odd and disturbing nature I'm not surprised it's being turned down. I just need to find the right journal or magazine for this type of story.

Hopefully I'll have some new material to post here soon. Thanks to those of you following me early on in my blogging life.

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  1. It sound very interesting story. I hope you have some good news soon