Thursday, February 12, 2009


What do women think when they are excited about someone? What does a crush (unspoken) feel like in a female mind? I'm trying to write from a female perspective and it isn't easy. Any suggestions or insights would be helpful. Thanks.


  1. I am working on it, help is on the way!

  2. First off, have you asked your fiance? She might be helpful here and it could be fun....

    Okay, it feels like a rush of excitement, mingled with nerves; Does he like me? Has he noticed me? the feeling isn't just in the mind, it goes straight down to the belly, flips and butterflies when you see him. It kind of depends on the woman's personality too. A strong woman is going to want to take control and walk right up to him, talk to him while at the same time feeling that adrenaline rush, not knowing what he will say. A shy woman is going to be more inclined to shrink back and admire from a distance feeling nervous. There is a rush of thoughts when a woman speaks with a man she is excited about, not so much about what he has to say but wondering what his lips will feel like on hers, what those gorgeous hands would feel like touching her. Would it be what she hopes or would she be dissapointed and find that he really isn't what she wanted. It can vary, like I said before, based on a woman's personality. I reccomend reading something by Nora Roberts and visiting a couple of my fellow bloggers such as Scribbles by Glynis and Loribeth's Artistic Romance. They might give you some ideas as well. You can find links to them on my blog. Good luck!